Tuesday, April 05, 2005

underneath the radar: week sixteen

Oo, this week was great. Condolences for those who missed, but Spiro joined me once again to speak of highly humourous and irrelevent matters. As for the musical part of the show, I introduced a high-brow musical segment which I have just christened Music of the Muses. It really just includes me ranting on about slightly pretentious musicians. This week showcased Aqualung, Smashing Pumpkins and Cat Stevens. Not that I consider Cat Stevens to be pretentious but I think to love Cat Stevens as much as I do, you can't be completely bourgeouis.

Well what can I say, she no longer likes a-sides, she gave me a tape of bootlegs and b-sides!

it's naptime
matt hales aka aqualung, napping on a piano, el style

Other segments included the resergence of Nice Video, Shame About the Song, featuring Gorillaz' brilliant new single, Feel Good Inc. Mashups was comparatively huge this week, including many mixed up efforts of Greenday, Oasis, Eminem, The Beatles & The Cure. In three songs. Yeah. Not to mention some Big Audio Dynamite heading up Songs from the Front Row, The Cure showing us how to do it with the sublime b-side to Friday I'm in Love, Halo and Electronic Ecstasy showcasing Moloko & lead singer Roisin's brand new solo effort. Whew.

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Playlist for April 4th
Battle - Tendency
The Rapture - Out of the Races & Onto the Tracks
The Cure - Halo
Joy Division - Warsaw
Big Audio Dynamite - Rush (live)
Aqualung - Extra Ordinary Thing
Smashing Pumpkins - Disarm
Cat Stevens - Sad Lisa
The Bravery - Unconditional
The Killers - Andy, You're a Star
Dirty Little Secret - Guns Guns Guns
Gorillaz - Feel Good Inc.
Pulp - Common People
Art Brut - My Little Brother
Ash - Starcrossed
Greenday vs Oasis
The Beatles vs The Cure
Beatles mashup
The Beatles - I'm Happy Just to Dance with You <3
Roisin Murphy - Night of the Dancing Flame
Moloko - Pure Pleasure Seeker
Queens of the Stone Age - Little Sister


Anonymous Mez said...

Hiya! Great show! Bit sorry that I've missed other shows now...And will definately have to try and listen more!!!

8:52 PM  
Blogger Adam said...

Fabtabulous playlist as usual. Great to hear you play some Beatles. I'm Happy Just to Dance With You was a nice treat. And opening with Battle? Cool.

But erm... Ash? Oh c'mon Eleanor.


1:46 AM  
Blogger amanda said...

ooo excellent playlist elle! And yay, I'm back in business. God knows what that was all about. Bright Eyes...well u know all about it (and so does my phone bill lol) *speechless*. Oh what a fantastic night.

12:01 PM  

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