Thursday, April 28, 2005

radarlove: retrospective

To celebrate the end of Music is My Radar (20/12/2004 - 2/5/2005), I've decided to put up the collection of interviews, audio documentaries, unaired and blooper material for everyone to download. Enjoy, enjoy!

Radio Documentary: This is for the Fans (Week Two)
Commonly described as "That Documentary about Queen", This is for the Fans is a dizzying aural collage of intimate stories from rock music's most devoted and passionate. The feature particularly concentrates on fans that express their passion through different creative methods. Characters range from the writer, who composes poetry based on the music of his favourite band, to the fashion designer who has designed clothing inspired by that shown in a video clip. These stories are contrasted by a grim narration, which indirectly associates love of music with society’s negative perception of fandom. The piece contains the underlying conclusion that love or hate can occur with the associations fans have with music, not with the music itself.

Radar Documentary - This is For The Fans.mp3 (7,612MB, 25m58s at 40KBS)

Interview: Bloc Party (Week Three)
Perhaps best described as "Bloc Party's first Australian interview", recorded long prior to their worldwide recognition, Gordon Moakes discusses everything from recording to Reading.

Interview - Bloc Party (8,459MB, 20m54s at 56KBS)

Interview: The Polyphonic Spree (Week Seven)
Psychedelic symphonic pop group the Polyphonic Spree join Radar on the eve of the 2005 Big Day Out. Audrey Easley discusses the group dynamic, happiness and robe envy.

Interview - The Polyphonic Spree (3,204MB, 11m07s at 40KBS)

Interview: Elle Milano (Week Eight)
An interview with lead singer Adam of upcoming post pop Leicester act, Elle Milano. An amusing exploration of Girls Aloud, sampling BBC sound effects records and adventures in lo-fi.

Interview - Elle Milano (8,431MB, 16m50s at 128KBS)

Unaired - Elle Milano formed a band (837kb)

Interview: Prosaics (Week Eleven)
A series of deep and meaningful discussions with Andy Comer, lead singer of New York City three piece, Prosaics. The interview covers topics ranging from the production on their impressive debut EP, Aghast Agape, their compelling lyrics and comparisons to contemporaries, as well as Interpol and the Stills in contrast to their inspiring forefathers, Joy Division.

Interview - Prosaics (8,892MB, 15m18s at 80KBS)

Interview: The Dears (Week Fifteen)
A compelling interview with the Dears' frontman Murray Lightburn, considered among the most inspiring and articulate musicians of our time. A dissection on everything from philosophy to colonisation, and relationships to Morrisey, in the midst of a nation-wide tour.

Interview - The Dears (6,796MB, 19m54s at 48KBS)

Unaired - Murray Lightburn on Morrissey (435kb)

Interview: Cause & Effect (Week Nineteen)
The synthpop duo of Keith Milo and Rob Rowe join Radar for a conference call, covering long distance production, song writing and those parallels to revered English band Depeche Mode.

Interview - Cause & Effect (4,809MB, 16m47 at 40KBS)

So that's it. Thank you all for your love, listenership and support. Many thanks go out to G, Audrey, Andy, Adam, Murray, Keith, Rob for taking the time out for speaking to me. Many thanks in particular go out to Tina, Pauline, Mike, Daniel, Donna, Jase, John & many others who helped out with the documentary. I cannot forget the people such as David Benge, Steve Baker, Blaine Kaplan and Kate Eccles who helped out in getting in contacts with these great inspiring people. Those are all the admin people, emotional support people will come after Monday night. Do try and tune in. See you guys then :)


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No doubt you are going crazy right now preparing for your final show, but just wanted to say that, omg, how amazing has music is my radar been? geez, what a retrospective in like, 20 weeks! I should just stop right now, no match for el ;)

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Thanks for checking out our blog! I put a link to this one on Rock Sellout. On my way to work, so I haven't checked out your others.


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