Monday, April 25, 2005

radarlove: cause & effect

buy cause & effect's most recent independent release, the sunrise ep from amazon
as the sun rises on the west coast of america, the sun sets on one of the last radars & the severity of el's love for synth finally comes out of the shadows

Described as a gorgeous electronic fusion of perfect pop arrangements, Cause and Effect captivate listeners with their lush sonic soundscapes and thought provoking lyrics. How was that for rock journalism hyperbole? No, but seriously, this synthpop duo has long been a new wave favourite. Their dark electronic romanticism has underscored such events such as the car ride to my school formal, plans for my international Radar music festival and my love affair with synths altogether.

Personal associations aside, their background is so interesting & their fundamental approach to music so intriguing that I recommend anyone into likes their dark, romantic new wave to check them out. Check out Cause & Effect's website for samples of their clips. Oh! And don't forget to tune in Monday night to *actually* hear the full interview with Rob Rowe and Keith Milo of Cause & Effect!


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