Wednesday, March 09, 2005

underneath the radar: week twelve

Man, Monday night at SYN studios went going off, no really, foshizzle. Many thanks, once again, go to DJ Spiro for coping with my untimely metamorphosis into the stressedoutindiechikfromhell. Regardless there was much hilarity & I'm so grateful.

To sample some of what Spiro had to put up with, download the following MP3:

In other news, I'm gonna be DJing at the Blanc Franc Music Exchange this Friday 11 March. It's a monthly indie shindig held at the Royal Derby, on the corner of Brunswick St & Alexandra Pde. I'm on straight after the band at 11pm so be sure to check it out.

As for the show, we had another radarlove mixedtape of songs to drive safely to (in memory of that 1984 Toyota I wrote off last week). If anything got across during Radar this week, let this message roam free to all the kiddies out there, drive safely and for godssake - GIVE WAY, GIVE WAY GODDAMIT!

cause i'm YOUNG! and i'm FREE!
el's next mode of transport: bed on wheels

Songs from the Front Row included Supergrass & a very exclusive radarsession of the Dears live in Melbourne. So much gratitude goes out to Amanda of belief=function=belief (Mondays 7-8.30pm) for coming to see the Dears with me last Wednesday night & helping out with the Dears' Live Radar Review. How good is this? You put radar in front of any word and it becomes a segment.

Cover-ups featured Neil Finn & Johnny Marr performing a live cover of There is a Light That Never Goes Out (can you legimately cover a song that you co-wrote?), contrasting with Peaches' cover of Electric Six's Gay Bar. That's right, I wanna take you to a..

Electronic Ecstasy showcased a track from the inserthyperbolicadjective forthcoming Fischerspooner album, Odyssey. SO GOOD. Other tracks included a George W remix of Mass Destruction by Faithless and some delicious poptrash with Cam Farrar's Wasted.

Playlist for March 7th
New Order - Crystal
Doves - Black & White Town
Peter Gabriel - Digging in the Dirt
The Decemberists - Engine Driver
Kings of Convenience - I'd Rather Dance With You Than Talk With You
Neil Finn & Johnny Marr - There is a Light that Never Goes Out (live)
Ted Leo & the Pharmacists - Me & Mia
Supergrass - Mary (live)
Thirteen Senses - Into the Fire
The Dears - Who Are You, Defenders of the Universe (live radar session)
Patrick Wolf - The Libertine
Arctic Monkeys - Scummy
Flamingo Crash - Ladies Say Stop
Fischerspooner - Cloud
Faithless - Mass Destruction (George W Mix)
Cam Farrar - Wasted
Mooney Suzuki vs Nelly
Blur vs Beyonce
Peaches - Gay Bar
Morrissey - Tomorrow
Blur - Colin Zeal

See you next week people :)


Blogger Adam said...

Top playlist as usual.

Adam's favourite has to be Supergrass this week.

Excellent :)

12:31 AM  
Blogger amanda said...

thanking you for the thank you... ok i gotta stop saying those two words now. top show, nice promo, and would have loved to come to your DJ gig last nite, unfortunately i started work at 7.30am the next morning. and i think its going to become a frequent occurance with this job :( Catch soon!

5:35 PM  
Blogger El said...

Aw, just thought I'd thank you guys for thanking me for the thank you. So nice. Thanks for the support..

Don't worry about the DJ gig on Friday night, I feel terrible you had to start work at 7.30am :(

The gig last night was great fun but you didn't miss anything extraordinarily different, hehe. Let's see if I can make a 180 degree turn in musical tastes by next month & get more bodies movin...

Catchu mondaynightairtime hopefully!

2:38 PM  
Blogger El said...

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2:38 PM  

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