Tuesday, February 08, 2005

underneath the radar: week eight

This week was a great deal of fun, did enjoy it immensely. Aired the Elle Milano interview, integrated with many great tracks. If you want to hear only the interview, scroll down to the next entry about Elle Milano & you'll be able to download the zipped audio. If you are bouncing around the UK at the moment check out their website as they've got a few dates coming up shortly.

As I came through the door last night I was informed I said something inherently stupid during the show:

"So check out ellemilano.co.uk - but the milano only has one elle, but the L has two elles"

Say it out loud, you'll see I said L like 4 times in that sentence. OK ANYWAY...

As for news, I've managed to semi organise an interview with the Dears who are going to be in Melbourne at the end of the month -- as well as chats from Moving Units who will be here at the end of March! So thrilled to even see either of these guys live let alone talk with them. AHH VERY HAPPY!

And for people that are interested, Bloc Party's album launch is on this Thursday night at 161 (that's 161 High Street Prahran). This means the official date for Silent Alarm is drawing closer people. Hope to see you all there.

Hopeless selfpromotional plug - I'll be DJing at the Blanc Franc Music Exchange this Friday night. It's at the Royal Derby which is at the corner of Brunswick St & Alexandra Pde. I would encourage visitors at the beginning of the night - in contrast I do *not* encourage visitors for my DJ gig at Federation Square the next night. Too. Public. Not. Indie. Enough. AGH.

Songs from the Front Row featured Dave Gahan and the devoted Depeche Mode boys live circa 1993. You know it's what any band in their right mind would do. Their lead singer is obviously too incapacitated to record an album. He's completely out of control on tour. So what do they do? Release a live album which completely rehashes their last studio effort. But whatever, I still love it.

ma smack daddy, dave gahan
take my hand, come back to to the land, where everything's ours, for a few hours

Songs from the Front Row also featured a rendition of Pictures of You by The Cure from their most recent tour. There was also a track from the Futureheads, doing an acoustic track which ironically far outshines the original version.

New segment Mash-ups Go Home Production's relatively famous Karma in the Life which combines the Beatles' A Day in the Life and Radiohead's Karma Police. Look out for this segment cause no doubt it'll contain more weird and wonderful combinations...

Electronic Ecstasy featured some chilled out tracks from Faithless and Frou Frou.

Playlist for Feb 7th
Richard Ashcroft - A Song for Lovers
Brendan Benson - Emma J
Charlatans - Up at the Lake
Depeche Mode - Walking in My Shoes (live 93)
Cure - Pictures of You (live 2004)
Futureheads - Meantime (acoustic)
Elle Milano - Swearing's for Arts Students
Elle Milano - All American
Elle Milano - Ooo Beyoncé Baby
Hot Hot Heat - Goodnight Goodnight
The Dears - Who are you, Defenders of the Universe?
The Strokes & Regina Spektor - Modern Girls & Old Fashioned Men
The Beatles vs Radiohead - Karma in the Life
+/- - Trapped Under Ice Floes
Elle Milano - Private Thoughts
Elle Milano - bbb burn the bigger picture
Frou Frou - Let's Go
Faithless - Evergreen
Elle Milano - La Presidente
Elle Milano - Men Are Bastards
Smiths - Back to the Old House (Troy Tate session)
Colin Meloy - I Know Very Well How I Got My Name

Just to stop all those rumours, Music is My Radar will be continuing into the first grid of 2005 on SYN. Same bat time, same bat station. How menacing those rumours were..

Coming up: Prosaics, Cause & Effect, The Dears & Moving Units.. OMG!


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