Tuesday, January 11, 2005

underneath the radar: week four

This week's show was so much fun. Massive thanks to DJ Spiro for coming on Radar this week for what proved to be an excessively wild, fun and irrelevent (not irreverent) show.

Listening to it back only a few moments ago, I was reminded why I do radio solo: I am rude and I don't listen all that well. My communication skills are kind of at a minimum...

One of my favourite on air moments has to be

Spiro: (swivelling on chair, hyper) Y'know El, you have like way too much sugar.. whenever we talk on the phone you're always like, having chocolate or eating junkfood. It was never like that at my house. We never had food, blah blah blah.
El: (not really listening) OMFG, I have the BIGGEST slurpee craving right now!

SO stupid. But it's good thing I'm doing a show about MUSIC and I don't actually have to listen like, at all....

Songs from the Front Row featured the Ocean Colour Scene and Oasis. Oasis track featured Liam going off at Noel for tuning his guitar: "It dunnit matter if it's outta tune - cause you're cool!"
Radar Reviews the Faint's fantastic performance in St Kilda on 7/01/05
Electronic Ecstasy featured Le Tigre, New Order and Yaz
Oddly Special Radar Mixed Tape featured songs to drive cars to

the faint will make you DANSE!
i disappear..

Playlist for Jan 10th
Von Bondies - C'mon C'mon
Mooney Suzuki - Alive and Amplified
Radio 4 - Sink So Low
Ocean Colour Scene - The Day We Caught the Train (live)
Oasis - I am the Walrus (live)
The Faint - I Disappear
The Stills - Allison Krausse
OK GO - Hello My Treacherous Friends
The Smiths - There is a Light that Never Goes Out
Elle Milano - Private Thoughts
Prosaics - Failure
Moloko - The Time is Now
The Anniversary - Sweet Marie
MV - Ma Baker
The Roots - The Seed
Wolfmother - Woman
New Order - Everything's Gone Green
Le Tigre - Deceptacon
Yaz - Nobody's Diary
Travis - Quicksand
Franz Ferdinand - Michael
Belle & Sebastian - Step into ma office baby
Iggy Pop - The Passenger
Elvis Costello - I Don't Want to go to Chelsea

Coming up: Radarlove overdose with the Gear interview coming up. Talks with lead singer Adam from Leicester's own Elle Milano and LA's Moving Units. Thrilled? I think you should be...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

TOP playlist again! Shame I only caught half of it, but I loved what I heard.

Adam :)

5:41 AM  

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