Thursday, December 30, 2004

radarlove: bloc party

kele, matt, gordy + russell from the bloc

It is coming up people! This Monday night, El will chat to bassist Gordon Moakes from London's Bloc Party about the music press, the group dynamic, tours & festivals, the new album & songwriting methods. Keep your ears poised to the speakers because it should be great. I love this band too much, really.

For all you international people, you can stop the fear, I'll post the interview shortly after airtime! But if you want to hear the show to air, you can click here & listen to the show streaming in your little corner of the world! You can even see your own SYN FM get a mention alongside The Guardian, John Peel, MTV & Jools Holland on's interview page! O the pride! The glamour!

In the meantime, get yourself acquainted with the Bloc's discography. If you're too lazy to even do that, I thoroughly recommend you listen to the relentlessly intense Banquet (3.2mb). Their forthcoming album Silent Alarm is unspeakbly beautiful, even I'm a little gobsmacked about it. The UK release date is Valentine's Day, but we have to wait til the Feb 19th. Tis too long even now - but it is worth it. Radarlove overdose.

Download the interview here:
Part 1: The Music Press (2.3mb)
Part 2: The Band (2.3mb)
Part 3: The New Album (1.8mb)
Part 4: Songwriting (2.2mb)


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